COVID Protocols

Committed to keeping each other safe always.

General COVID Safety

We want to ensure a safe and comfortable experience while receiving an RB Skin Treatment. To help protect our community from the ongoing pandemic, here are some tips on keeping each other safe. 

Please reschedule your appointment until you feel back to full-speed if you have any of the following:

  • A temperature over 100.4 degrees F.
  • Feeling under the weather for any reason.


We recommend washing your hands or sanitizing before receiving a skin treatment.


If you had COVID or received any COVID vaccines, please refrain from receiving a skin treatment two weeks after feeling symptoms or receiving a vaccine. Your skin may be more sensitive to our professional-grade products, modalities, and tools.


To help our community and our fellow clients, please contact us if you have been diagnosed with COVID within two weeks of your Rasing Beauty appointment. We respect your privacy and ensure privacy protocols.


Please carefully review the COVID protocols for In-home and Facial Studio/Pop-up Appointments. 

Rasing Beauty Facial Studio/Pop-Up Appointments
Rasing Beauty Facialist COVID Protocols