Premium Add-ons

Vacuum Suction Facial: $50

A vacuum suction facial treatment is used to stimulate lymphatic drainage and improve the appearance and circulation of the skin to promote a healthy glow.

Additional 10 minutes 


Dry Microdermabrasion: $50

Dry microdermabrasion is like a vacuum suction facial treatment with a diamond tip wand toresurface the skin and slough away dead skin cells.

Additional 10 minutes 

Advanced Eye Peel: $50

Advanced eye peel uses powerful botanicals to minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and brighten the under eyes. 

Additional Extractions: $25

Need more time clearing out pores? Manual Extractions is the process of clearing a clogged or compacted pore.


Additional 10 minutes

Facial Microcurrent: $85

A microcurrent facial is like a workout for the face. It uses low-voltage electricity to stimulate, contract, and lift the facial muscles.


Additional 25 minutes

Eye Lift Microcurrent: $50

The Eye Lift Microcurrent uses low-voltage electricity to stimulate, contract, and lift the eye muscles.


Additional 10 minutes

Lip Plump Microcurrent: $50

The Lip Plump Microcurrent uses low-voltage electricity to stimulate and plump the lips.


Additional 10 minutes

Cooling Contour Masque: $25

Cooling and calming facial mask that delivers an immediate lifting effect and increases penetration of targeted treatments.

Additional 10 minutes

Neck Fit Refining Masque: $50

Neck and chest mask helps even skin tone, brighten, and renew with Lactic Acid.